Wool Sales

Fleece Description

The color is light ivory to cream, with a spinning count of 54s (27.85 to 29.20 microns) to 58s (24.29 to 26.39 microns). The quality of wool should be uniform throughout. Belly and udder wool tends to be less dense. A minimum of 3 1/2 inches of annual fleece growth should be expected. Unskirted, ewes shear 8 to 10 pounds of wool and rams shear 10 to 15 pounds of wool although some individuals may shear longer and heavier fleeces. The yield should range from 50 to 70%. 

National Tunis Sheep Registry, Inc.. Accessed September 23, 2021. https://www.countrylovin.com/NTSRI/breed.html#WOOL.

Pre-Order Yearly Fleeces

We are now taking pre-orders for our 2024 fleeces. Contact us at sharpfamilyfarm316@gmail.com to inquire about availability and options. You can also visit our Etsy Shop to see what is available from what has been already processed. 

We participate in the Shave 'Em to Save 'Em program of The Livestock Conservancy. 

Washed, Picked, Carded, and Spun by Hand at Sharp Family Farm

Hanks of yarn are a minimum of 100 yards and up to 200 yards, depending on the spin.
Dbl Ply Natural Yarn: $0.20/yard

Dbl Ply Dyed Yarn: $0.30/yard

Natural Batting: $10/ounce

Dyed Batting: $12/ounce

Sarah (ewe)

Sarah's 2022
Available in in Crimson.

Sarah's 2023
Available in Brilliant Blue.  (Also available as a ply with Rebecca's 2022 Teal.  Listed on Etsy as "Eilat".)

Pearl (ewe)

Pearl's 2023
Available in Mandarin Pearl.

Rebecca (ewe)

Rebecca's 2022
Available in Teal. ( (Also available as a ply with Sarah's 2023 Brilliant Blue.  Listed on Etsy as "Eilat".)

Rebecca's 2023
Available in Pistachio and in Natural.

Rachel (ewe)

Rachel's 2023
Available in Natural.

Ruth (ewe)

Ruth's 2022
Available in Natural. (Also available together as "Raspberry Swirl" on Etsy.)

Ruth's 2023
Available in Wisteria.

Judah (ram)

Mosaic Throw Blanket from Judah's 2022 fleece. Purchased at charity auction.  Additional crimson available. Proceeds to go to Disabled American Veterans.

Additional crimson fiber from Judah's 2022 fleece. All proceeds to be donated to the Disabled American Veterans.

Dinah (ewe)

Dinah's 2023
Available in Antique Rose.

Reuben (ram)

Reuben's 2023
Handknitted headwear: proceeds donated to the Disabled American Veterans.